Can They See Jesus In Me?

READ: Titus 1:15-16, 2:7-8, 11-15 (NLT)

THINK: Do the people around know that you follow Jesus? Have you told them? Have you shown them? Can people who dont know you tell that there is something different about you, just by the way you conduct yourself? Do you say “No” to anything that could compromise your devotion to God or His standards? Do you say “Yes” to opportunities to do good, to honor God, to encourage others and to influence them for Christ? Could people get an accurate impression of what Jesus is like by what they see in you?

RESPOND: What behaviors and character traits should be evident in those who follow Christ? Do you say that you know God but then deny Him by the way that you live? See 1:16.

What is Gods “grace,” and what is its purpose? See 2:11. Having received Gods grace, what should you be able to learn and do in response to temptations and ungodliness? See 2:12. What does it mean to say “No” to these things? What insight does verse 14 provide about why Jesus gave His life for us? How should this affect your daily life?

PRAY: Pray that your faith will be confirmed by your actions. Pray for boldness to live out your faith. Give God thanks for His grace and for the hope and strength it provides. Thank Him for the blessed hope of Jesus return.

ACT: Pay particular attention to your attitudes and behaviors today. Be sure that they reflect your devotion to Christ. Exercise self-control by saying “No” to ungodly or questionable behavior and “Yes” to all that is Christlike.

via FIRE | FIREStarters – Titus.


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